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Solihten Centers’ Annual Statistical Reports

The information provided in the Solihten Centers’ Annual Statistical Report is extremely useful in evaluating and planning for both the Institute on a national level and for Centers in their local environments. At the same time, in extrapolating the collated data for the purposes of comparison to your local Center, it is important to keep in mind our Accredited Centers are in various stages of development, have differences in size, and serve varied communities. These factors can influence fee income, donations, and expenses (definitions of the terms can be found on page 2).

Please note that the statistical report follows a biennial (alternate years) process that determines the statistical information collected:

  • Each year:  Key Center Data – i.e., Center Services, Income/Expenses, Referral Sources, Standard/Collected Fee; and Executive Director Center Compensation
  • Miscellaneous Statistical Data: the questions are strategically developed to capture information that reflects a sign of the times.
  • Compensation Data: Six additional categories beyond the Executive Director position

2022 (2021 Data – Compensation)

2022 Statistical Report

Additional Resource:

Methods of Compensation for Solihten Affiliated Center Counselors (c) 2022

2021 (2020 Data – Misc. Statistical Data)

2021 Statistical Report