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Ensure your clients have reliable access to one of the most effective, evidence-based forms of healing by gifting yourself a Professional Peer Group. The collective skills and experience levels of these integrated counseling experts will buoy and embolden you.

Choose from four working-group focuses – all moderated by Solihten Institute Staff with unique opportunities to present case management studies, consult specific cases, share fundraising and development approaches, and explore commonalities of nonprofit mental health providers.

Professional Peer Group Options


Executive Directors

There are four cohorts of Executive Directors who meet regularly for intensive peer support and consultation. One of these groups is a dedicated electronic option, while the other three meet twice in person each and supplement with monthly electronic meetings.

Group Contact: Laurie Pechie


Board Presidents Roundtable

Following a rotating two-year, ten topic curricula, the Board Presidents Roundtable provide an opportunity for Board Presidents to come together with the Solihten Institute Board Chair, Institute staff, and one another to learn more about available resources, discuss mutual challenges, and share insights and support.


Clinical Directors

Clinical Directors at Solihten affiliated centers have an opportunity to come together for consultation and peer support. There are currently three cohorts who each meet on a monthly basis.

Group Contact: Fonda Latham


Training Directors

A group of Training Directors within Solihten affiliated centers meets electronically to share and process the questions and challenges they face in their integral roles.

Group Contact: Fonda Latham


Development Personnel

The opportunities and challenges pertaining to development fundraising and marketing are significant dimensions of operating a Solihten affiliated Center. Two different meeting times are offered each month so those doing this work can share ideas, obtain feedback, and connect with others in this role.

Group Contact: Steve Duson


Vālant Users’ Group

Because Vālent EHR is the most widely used Electronic Record system in the Network, a users’ group convenes eight times per year to discuss specifics of the program.

Group Contact: Steve Duson


School-based Services

Two distinct cohorts meet to discuss the opportunities and challenges unique to providing school-based services.

1) Centers with a current school-based program in place.
2) Centers working toward developing or cultivating school-based services.

Group Contact: Steve Duson


Equity and Inclusion Resource Series

The Equity and Inclusion Resource Series provides and refreshes resources that address the lack of diversity within our Network, particularly within the leadership ranks. It is offered three times per year in addition to a presentation at the Solihten Annual Conference.

Group Contact: Laurie Pechie


CCC Regional Meetings

Clergy and Congregation Care is an integral and hallmark program for many centers within the Solihten Network. Two different regional meetings are held each year to support those who are involved in this unique and valuable work.

Group Contact: Fonda Latham


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