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Just as you restore the whole person, we look out for the entire Center.

Accreditation from Solihten Institute helps you maintain sound organizational structures, efficient management and administration, high-quality clinical processes, appropriate personnel and financial practices, and professional accountability through standards that are recognized nationally by managed care companies, denominations, and colleagues in the field.

Other collaborative provider networks fall short in providing such rigorous programming to examine the dimensions of your Center that are crucial, but all too often unprioritized.

National Accreditation from Solihten Institute is benchmarked to the highest industry standards.

  • Clinical Practices and Policies
  • Human Resource Practices, Policies, and Procedures
  • Case Management Procedures
  • Records Management Standards
  • Spiritually Integrated Therapy
  • Performance / Quality Improvement
  • Supervision Standards
  • State Credentialing – Organizational Program Compliance
  • Board of Directors Oversight
  • Clergy and Congregation Programs
  • Reduced / Assisted Fee Policies

Get to know the steps below that further your efforts in advancing operational stability, raising money, gaining referrals, expanding service areas, and strengthening partnerships with major community stakeholders.

Accreditation Steps



Center leaders complete self-studies and assemble robust documentation of policies and practices to share with a site visitor. A Solihten Institute Accreditation Coordinator will work with the Center on scheduling the visit and structuring the meeting.


Site Visit

A site visitor will perform a 1-2 day visit to the counseling center - reviewing materials, conducting interviews, observing meetings, and checking records to affirm compliance with the accreditation process.



Initial findings and observations are discussed at the end of the visit, followed by a formal written report that is reviewed by the Solihten Institute Accreditation Coordinator. Center leaders then prepare a written response to the report and send it, along with any further documentation, to the Institute Coordinator.



The Accreditation Committee acts on a recommendation from the Institute Coordinator, along with a summary of the site-visit report and Center response. Accreditation status is then reported to Center leads and the Institute Board of Directors. Once approved, Full Accreditation is valid for up to four years.*

Review our full accreditation packet for more details or contact (303) 691-0144

*Approval of Full Accreditation does not guarantee that a Center is in full compliance, nor does Solihten Institute accreditation in any way imply an assurance that a Center has or will maintain continuous compliance with the standards during the accreditation period. Rather, Solihten Institute accreditation indicates that in the best judgment of the visitor and Solihten Institute Accreditation Committee, based on the evidence presented at the time of the review, the Center met all the standards in ways that the committee judged to be acceptable.

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