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Solihten Announces the planned retirement of President and CEO, Bob Johnson, and begins succession planning process. Click here to read more.

What began in 1972 as a single center in Elkhart, Indiana, has grown over fifty years into a nationwide network of outpatient behavioral health Centers dedicated to treating mind, body, spirit, and community. Together we have served over one million adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families as they journey toward a life of health and wholeness. It has been a remarkable privilege.

2022 Marked Solihten’s 50th anniversary. We celebrated this exciting and meaningful milestone at our Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, in August 2022.

If you’re interested in affiliating with Solihten Institute or one of our Network Centers, please contact us at info@solihten.org or at 303-691.0144.

Solihten Institute is an interfaith counseling network comprised of more than 40 Centers in 200 offices that provide 600,000+ clinical hours every year. We recruit, accredit, connect, educate, and advance counseling centers that practice one of the most effective paths to healing: spiritually integrated therapy.

Together, we serve the healing and wholeness of nearly 50,000 children, teens, men, women, and veterans every year.

Prior to 2019, we operated as Samaritan Institute, which was formed in 1972 when a physician joined together with two congregation clergy and a seminary professor in Elkhart, Indiana. Together, they formed a counseling resource that integrates what people believe into how they heal. For nearly half a century, this community of clergy, mental health professionals, and physicians has grown to serve a national collective of member Centers who share a commitment to nurturing mind, body, spirit, and community.


Under the name Solihten (soh-LITE-en, wholeness + light), we will continue to grow the Institute well into the future while extending a spiritually inclusive message to counselors and clients across the nation.


Inspire, educate, connect, and equip professionals who integrate mind, body, spirit,
and community in their approach to caring for the wellbeing of others.


People, relationships, and communities are respected, valued, and affirmed
in their sacred dignity as they seek meaning and wholeness.


Integrating mind, body, spirit and community into healthy living.

Fostering belonging by respecting the unique dignity and value of each person.

Bringing people together from diverse backgrounds in healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

Continuously pursuing personal and professional excellence.

Leading in an ever-changing world through dialogue, imagination and innovation.

Acknowledging hope and joy as essential to growth and vitality.

2021 Annual Report


While each Center designs services and programs to meet the needs of its communities, all Solihten member Centers are expected to achieve full accreditation to maintain sound organizational structures, efficient management and administration, high-quality clinical processes, appropriate personnel and financial practices, and professional accountability.

Collective Impact

Together with our Centers, Solihten Institute’s reach and depth of expertise dramatically influences:

  • Appeals to managed care companies.
  • Congregations considering Center development.
  • Counseling Centers seeking a larger relationship.
  • Referral sources moving to a new community.
  • Denominations seeking linkage to pastoral care and counseling.
  • New partners in healthcare organizations seeking non-profit behavioral health provider networks with a proven track record to fulfill the mandate of healthcare reform and more fully develop provision of primary care and behavioral health integrated care.

As a partnership, we impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who seek to feel whole.


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