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Solihten Collaborating on Research Regarding the Impact of Spiritually Integrated Therapy

February 19, 2024

Solihten Institute is participating in research being done at the University of South Alabama to understand the value of diverse ways of attending to peoples’ spirituality and/or faith in therapy.

The study is being led by Dr. Joe Currier. As part of the research, Solihten Network Centers will have the chance to participate in reporting their experience of spiritually integrated therapy. “Spirituality and/or faith is a powerful source of identity, well-being, and healing in many peoples’ lives,” said Dr. Currier. “Our study will look at the role that spirituality might play in the growth and healing of clients and the best ways for therapists to address this core area of their lives.” 

Joe Currier, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at University of South Alabama (USA) and the Principal Investigator of the “Spiritual and Religious Competencies Project,” a JTF-funded grant aimed at catalyzing systemic and cultural changes in mental health fields to train clinicians in attending to peoples’ faith or spirituality. He is also an editorial board member with Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Spirituality in Clinical Practice, Traumatology, and Death Studies.