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Centus Counseling, Consulting & Education

7887 East Belleview Avenue, Suite 1100

Denver, CO 80111-6015

Experts in Spiritually Integrated Therapy

The mental health professionals at Centus Counseling, Consulting & Education integrate client beliefs into their recoveries. By layering a person’s spirit and sense of higher purpose into their healing, Centus Counseling, Consulting & Education walks people along one of the most effective paths to wholeness.

Centus Counseling, Consulting & Education is among the more than 40 nonprofit counseling Centers that are nationally accredited and connected by Solihten Institute.

(303) 639-5240

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teletherapy equipped center

Teletherapy Equipped

Special Areas of Focus

  • School Counseling Program
  • Child and Adolescent Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Community & Home Based Services
  • Teletherapy Provider

Services Available In The Solihten Network

Counseling for Abuse, Counseling for Adjustment Disorders, Counseling for Anger Management, Counseling for Anxiety, Counseling for Bi-Polar Disorder, Counseling for Depression, Counseling for Divorce, Counseling for Eating Disorders, Counseling for Grief, Counseling for Marriages and Pre Marital Couples, Counseling for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Counseling for PTSD, Counseling for Relationships and Families, Counseling for Stress Management, Counseling for Substance Abuse, Counseling for Suicide, Counseling for Trauma.