We have lowered the cost, training, and clinical barriers associated with one of the fastest-growing counseling tools: telemental health.

Solihten Institute has launched a Videotherapy Pilot Program to introduce Member Centers to a vetted, effective, affordable telemental health technology platform. This program includes Institute-approved curriculum and supporting documentation tools to help you serve clients who move, travel, maintain a busy lifestyle, or become increasingly house-bound.

It provides a more direct partnership with primary care along with a lower cost of service delivery.

Videotherapy support from Solihten Institute:

  • Service inquiries received by the Institute will be referred to Centers who have agreed to cover the jurisdiction in which the potential client resides.
  • Customizable intake and informed consent documentation.
  • Licensing for a vetted technology vendor to provide a reliable, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant video platform.
  • Access to a vetted technology vendor during business hours.
  • Training through the Telemental Health Certification Institute that addresses as many state and licensing mandates as possible, including state-specific guidelines and restrictions around telemental health.

Videotherapy commitments from Member Centers:

  • Centers agree to train practitioners to provide clinical services via videotherapy.
  • Each practitioner must complete a minimum of 10 hours of training. Solihten Institute will provide a recommended training vendor/course that addresses the following for a nominal fee:
    1. Introduction to Telemental Health
    2. Best Practices in Video Telemental Health
    3. HIPAA Compliance for Telemental Health
    4. Telemental Health Settings and Care Coordination
    5. Crisis Planning and Protocols in Video Telemental Health
    6. Direct to Consumer for Telemental Health
    7. Choosing and Using Technology in Telemental Health
    8. Orienting Clients to Telemental Health
    9. Presentation Skills for Telemental Health
  • Centers will be responsible for their practitioners conducting videotherapy in a responsible, ethical, and HIPAA-compliant fashion.
  • Practitioners agree to practice in a way that is consistent with state-specific guidelines and restrictions and within the codes of ethics of their respective licensing bodies.
  • Each practitioner must review the Institute’s Webinar on State Regulatory Environments.
  • Each practitioner must complete the technology vendor’s training on the videotherapy platform and become proficient in the use of the provided technology platform.
  • Centers should utilize their own scheduling, intake, billing and recordkeeping services (EHR).
  • Centers agree to engage in an agreement that releases Solihten Institute from claims of liability by the Center, the Center’s practitioner, the client, or anyone acting in the interests of the client.
  • Participating Centers agree to pay $100 per month for up to 5 practitioners, due on the 15th of the prior month.

Solihten Institute will continue to expand digital-based therapy tools and trainings to provide a robust platform for remote counseling.


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