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For clinicians who are interested in adding to their knowledge for practicing spiritually integrated psychotherapy (SIP), Solihten has created a NEW offering of individual didactic “a-la-carte” classes focused on key aspects of this work. Offered by the same seasoned faculty as Solihten’s popular ATSIP and SIP programs, these classes will be in an interactive didactic format. There will be no preparatory readings or case consultations found in the extended SIP and Advanced Training in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (ATSIP) courses. 2 CE hours will be available for each offering.*

The a-la-carte offerings are ideal for:

  • Therapists who want to gain knowledge without time and expense involved in the full SIP/ATSIP courses
  • Supervisors and clinicians who want to augment their competencies in
  • Supervisors and clinicians who want to learn about using SIP with specific
  • Clinical and Training Directors who want to lay the groundwork for religious/spiritual competencies for their
  • Therapists and supervisors outside the Solihten network who want an introduction to practicing
  • Non-clinicians who are interested in learning more about SIP

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